A.M. Mullins

Photo courtesy of A.M. Mullins

A.M. has been on race tracks as a driver or pit crew member for going on nearly two decades. He has three cats, and at the moment, just as many Alfa Romeos. His wife is gracious, wise, and smarter than he is. He wants to be a comic book artist and writer when he grows up.

Michael Shadle

Photo courtesy of Michael Shadle

Michael is a certified mechanic and is more generous than an Italian restaurant waiter that keeps going with the Parmesan because technically, you never said “when”. He loves to go fast more than all of us and his 540 bhp Subaru Impreza STI is proof of that. He’s far less fragrant than your average Japanophile and he runs in the 90’s like it’s in fact, 1999.

Duncan Millar

Photo courtesy of Juliana Marciniak

Duncan is a card-carrying union member and often says things like “The Weekend, Brought to you by Unions”, even though no one asked. He wishes the E30 had a supercharged V8 but he loves the car for what it is regardless. He aspires to be half of what the women and men he surrounds himself by are, and he swears up-and-down that Doctor Who is based on his life.